About Us

When we made a decision to create a magazine on asphalt paving, we were a bit apprehensive about whether the demand existed for such content. In the past few years, we have been stunned by the response from our readers. Not only have we continued to grow our readership every month, but we have managed to get incredible guest contributions from our readers and experts within the industry.

The beauty of the asphalt paving industry is that things are always changing. Techniques that were useful a few years ago are now obsolete. Methods we did not even know about some years ago are now commonplace. Keeping up with these trends, techniques and methods is very important if you are an asphalt paving contractor. We hope that our readers can get some vital information pertinent to their jobs through our magazine.

The asphalt paving magazine was created to provide a dedicated resource of information about the industry. Whether it is news and analysis, or profiles on the top asphalt paving contractors in the area, we are always looking for the best way to inform our readers. Our circulation list includes pavers, contractors, engineers, public works departments, personnel at the United States Department of Transportation and many other important offices.

We have key contacts within the industry. Everyone involved with the magazine has some experience with asphalt paving. Some of us were contractors in another life, while others had experience working for asphalt paving companies. Everyone has a passion for the subject matter, along with in-depth knowledge of asphalt paving. It helps us create the type of magazine that we believe our readers can enjoy.

If you have any feedback regarding our magazine, we always want to hear from our readers. And if you are a contractor who wants a feature within the magazine, send us an email with all the relevant details.